First Class Evolution Training

Your body can do it, its your mind you need to convince

Yoga Mat

Water and Mats Provided!

  • Mats are sanitized after each use, but if you would prefer bringing your own, that is welcomed.  

Yoga brings emotional balance to our lives and provides an outlet for us to find our inner peace and harmony. It is the practice of accessing and integrating all aspects of your mind, body, and soul and brings forth love, light, and peace, while teaching balance, flexibility, and strength. Our classes are very well balanced to make sure you are learning, but also enjoying yourself, while finding your inner peace. 


Rhonda was offered a chance to get training to teach yoga on the side as part of a corporate wellness program. Since then, she has also taught private yoga clients, and spent a few years teaching yoga and PiYo at a Gold’s gym.

Stretching, Flexibility, Mobility

Our classes are suitable for beginners and for those who have practiced yoga before. In our classes we practice traditional yoga postures, taking us into deep stretches and building flexibility and strength throughout the entire body. We hold the poses a little longer in order to release tension from the dense connective tissues around the joints. We also pay particular attention to our breathing, helping us become more present. Our goal is to help bring us into balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. Each class concludes with a short meditation.

Don’t let stress and stiffness hold you back from living your best life. Join a yoga class today and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Yoga Passes

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