Group Classes

Our youth fitness program centers its focus on creating a strong athletic foundation. Classes. incorporate our six fundamental movements designed to improve physical ability, structural integrity, and cardiovascular capacity.


We have partnered with L.E.G.I.T., Inc to provide our athletes with first class leadership/mindset development training. Javier Mendez, founder of L.E.G.I.T., Inc, has been involved in youth ministries for over 20 years.

Nutritional Guidance

Proper youth nutrition is a key component to improvement. Our guidance will help your child recover properly, grow stronger and feel healthier. The advice given will help establish a foundation for healthy eating habits later on in life

Special Events

Our youth program is not only about fitness, nutrition, and athletic performance. We believe that social interaction is vital for all youth. We hold special events to create a bonding experience for our athletes.

Youth Fitness Spot Light
Youth Fitness Baseball Champs

Baseball Champs

Ean helped his team win the championship this past October. He was the starting catcher and had numerous clutch hits throughout the year. Congrats Ean!!!!!

Youth Deadlift Workout

Deadlift Animal

Ti has been training with Coach Brad for about 2 years now. Deadlifts have been a staple of his training program and boy does he love them. He lifted 120 pounds which was 1.5X his bodyweight. He excels as a goalie in soccer and plays baseball as well.


I love the gym, especially when we play wall ball!

Ean- 10

I like the rock wall and making obstacle courses!!


I like playing all the games at the end. Can we Deadlift next time?

Ti- 11

Let’s build something great together.

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