Adult Fitness

Group Classes

Are you looking to drop weight, loose body fat, get stronger, overcome an injury, or just want to have better fitness? Our adult fitness program centers its focus on building lean muscle mass, burning excess fat and reducing pain and injuries throughout the body. Classes are designed to target all major muscle groups in a variety of ways. We utilize a mix of free weights, resistance bands, med balls, and weighted bars.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition is a key component toward reaching your fitness goals. Our guidance will help you to delvelop healthy eating habits that are easy to follow. Meal plans are available per request.

Special Events

We believe that social interaction is vital for all our members. Our special events create a bonding experience for our clients that leads to life long friendships.

Client Spot Light

Meghann has been training with Coach Brad for over 2 years and the gains keep coming. Meghann was the first and currently only female to beat the 40,000 pound challenge. Not only did she conquer the challenge once, but she then came back and beat her record by over 10,000 pounds. Meghann is one of our most positive and friendly members and is always a joy to have in class. She is a staple of the Evolution Training Softball Team.


Thanks to Brad and his specific training exercises he set for me my back is feeling good. – Angela W.

Going back to the gym is hard especially after months of not working out, but coming back has been awesome. I feel like I can accomplish anything. Brad’s workout cycles are on point. -Maribel M.

Brad will work you to get the results you want. I’ve toned up my whole body and can lift my 25+ grandson no problem. When I babysat my first grandson several years ago I threw out my back and hip and needed a chiropractor to get me back to somewhat normal. Now no problem. – Debbie W.

Evolve to a better YOU!

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