Adult Group Classes

Are you looking to drop weight, lose body fat, get stronger, overcome an injury, or just want to have better health? Our adult fitness program centers its focus on building lean muscle mass, burning excess fat and reducing pain and injuries throughout the body. Classes are designed to target all major muscle groups in a variety of ways. We utilize a mix of free weights, resistance bands, med balls, and weighted bars.

Our 3 Types Of Classes Provide A Well Balanced Program


Build Lean Muscle Mass

Revamp Metabolism


Improve Heart Health

Burn Un-Used Calories


Decrease Pain

Strengthen Minimally Used Muscles

A True Fitness Family

Here at Evolution Training we pride ourselves on the Fitness Family we have created. Our members and staff provide the friendship and support needed to reach your goals inside and outside of the gym!

Megan E.

The most consistent gym routine I’ve ever followed! I was doing Peloton workouts, and had a friend bring me to try out a class. Now 1 year later, I’ve sold the Peloton and have consistently attended Evolution Training. The accountability and friendship of others as well as the instruction from the coaches at Evolution Training have been the reason it has been easy to show up daily. Best Decision I’ve Made!

Marcella S.

I have seen and felt a tremendous change in my body. Brad is such a great and friendly trainer. I feel at home at Evolution. He also has accommodated to my not so normal schedule and I appreciate it so much. This is my home away from home.

Erin F.

Evolution Training is a gym that focuses on personal training and nutrition education in a setting that makes you feel extremely comfortable with no judgements. I have been to many gyms in the past and this is the first one I have truly felt comfortable at. With in depth education about nutrition, as well as workouts structured to meet your needs, I am confident I made the right choice in joining this gym for my new found healthy lifestyle. It’s not easy, but every time I leave there I feel like I could rule the world. You will too! 🙂

Maribel M.

Brad is an amazing trainer. I have had back problems for many years. And when I started training with Brad he taught me how to strengthen my back and core muscle so that my back would became stronger. There is so much more I can do since going to Evolution Training. At Evolution Training they teach you, inspire you and get you to fulfill your goals. It’s an awesome place to belong to.

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