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Evolution Training is a Nazareth Area fitness community that brings a family friendly approach to fitness. Our workouts are tailored to your fitness level so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, we have a fun, safe and results driven workout for you.

Adult Group

Classes Modified to Fitness Level

3 Types of Classes
(Strength, Metabolic, Functional)

Over 40 Classes offered Weekly

Monthly Challenges

Sports Performance

Sport Specific Exercises

4 Phase Program
(Strength, Power, Cardio, Speed)

Over 20 Classes offered Weekly

Nutritional Guidance Included

Youth Fitness

Foundational Building

3 Types of Classes
(Strength, Metabolic, Speed)

Over 20 Classes offered Weekly

Fun Games/Activities

Personal Training

Fully Customized Fitness Program

Goal Tracking

Nutritional Guidance

Over 100 Session Times Per Week
(30 and 60min)

Feel Safe with Our Education

We help clients adopt healthy behaviors by teaching them about exercise and nutrition and encouraging them to implement healthy habits to help them reach their goals.Owner and Performance Coach, Brad Pursell, has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. A personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science has a deeper understanding of the human body, including its anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. Additionally, He received training in exercise prescription, nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and the psychology of behavior change. This broad knowledge base can be especially valuable when working with clients who have complex medical histories or who require more specialized training programs.

Community Events

Nutritional Guidance

Speciality Classes

Discounted Supplements

Megan E.

The most consistent gym routine I’ve ever followed! I was doing Peloton workouts, and had a friend bring me to try out a class. Now 1 year later, I’ve sold the Peloton and have consistently attended Evolution Training. The accountability and friendship of others as well as the instruction from the coaches at Evolution Training have been the reason it has been easy to show up daily. Best Decision I’ve Made!

Sam G.

I started training with Brad through another gym and started working with him again when he opened Evolution. He is a great trainer and has a great sense of humor even while working. He pushes you to do the best you can while also being aware of any problems/ailments you have. I personally have had problems with my back, shoulder, and knee in the past; Brad is great at accommodating for these past injuries while still creating a challenging workout.

Josh Z.

Great place to work out!!!! Brad is full of knowledge. He is able to tailor your daily program to your bodies needs. He is a great mix of friendly and motivator. His community outreach programs continue to grow and we are so happy to have him in Nazareth!

Debbie W.

Brad will work you to get the results you want. I’ve toned up my whole body and can lift my 25+ grandson no problem. When I babysat my first grandson several years ago I threw out my back and hip and needed a chiropractor to get me back to somewhat normal. Now no problem.

Angela W.

2 back muscle spasms took me out of commission for wk but eased back into the gym the last 2 days and thanks to Brad and his specific training exercises he set for me my back is feeling good

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