Maribel M.

Going back to the gym is hard especially after months of not working out, but coming back has been awesome. I feel like I can accomplish anything. Brad’s workout cycles are on point.

Katie A.

Been training with Brad for almost 3 years now and could not be happier with my results! He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and will tailor exercises to fit every individual, yet push you to achieve maximum results! Truly the best!

Debbie W.

Brad will work you to get the results you want. I’ve toned up my whole body and can lift my 25+ grandson no problem. When I babysat my first grandson several years ago I threw out my back and hip and needed a chiropractor to get me back to somewhat normal. Now no problem.

Angela W.

2 back muscle spasms took me out of commission for wk but eased back into the gym the last 2 days and thanks to Brad and his specific training exercises he set for me my back is feeling good